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      This site seeks to provide Christian resources for clergy and church leaders that are true to the scriptures, reformed and focused on the grace of God in Christ. The objective is to provide:
          i] Short expository sermons / Bible studies on the set readings of the Revised Common Lectionary, along with worship resources;
          ii] An exegetical commentary on the Greek text of the New Testament - in preparation.
          iii] Biblically sound studies on doctrine, evangelism, apologetics, ethics, etc.
          iv] Studies on the ritual and order of the Anglican church.
      No copyright provisions cover this site. Where citing is thought necessary ref.: Findlayson lectionarystudies.com/........ For the date see "SOURCE".
[Printer icon]  The sermons / Bible studies are available in a print-friendly format for publication to suit an A5 pew-sheet insertion. The text may be formatted and edited as required, without citation.

Guiding Thesis:
      The full appropriation of God's promised blessings is ours through faith in the faithfulness of Christ.
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    Lectionary Bible Studies and Sermons
    Indexed Old Testament expositions
    Indexed New Testament expositions
    Indexed Commentary on the Greek New Testament
    The Christian Church Lectionary
    The table of Sundays for the Church Year
    RCL readings and worship resources Year A
    RCL readings and worship resources Year B
    RCL readings and worship resources Year C
    Expositions on the readings for Year A
    Expositions on the readings for Year B
    Expositions on the readings for Year C
    Indexed short conversations on life
THE BASICS: Fundamentals of the Christian Faith.
    Introduction. The first steps in the Christian life
    1. The Kingdom of God
    2. God: His person and work
    3. God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
    4. Mankind: Nature and sin
    5. The World: God's creation
    6. Jesus: His life and work
    7. Atonement: Jesus' death for us
    8. Regeneration: a new life with Christ
    9. Mystical Union: A new friendship with God
    10. Sanctification: A new life-style in Christ
    11. Providence: God's care for us
    12. The Bible: God teaches us all things
    13. The Church: A new community to be part of
    14. Gifts of the Spirit: Empowered for service
    15. The last things: A new world to be part of
    16. Prophecy: The Kingdom and "forth telling"
    17. Repentance and faith
    18. Baptism: The sign of repentance
    19. Discipleship: Following Jesus
    20. Bible Study: Coming to grips with God's Word
    21. Prayer: Talking with God
    22. Ethics: Becoming what we are in Christ
    23. Church involvement: Fellowship responsibilities
    24. The Lord's Supper: Holy Communion
    25. Evangelism: Witnessing
    26. Apologetics: Answers to difficult questions
    27. Social Concern: Caring for broken humanity
    The Foundational Biblical Truth
        The Bias of Grace. The key to understanding the Bible
    The Bible
        A background introduction
        Group Bible study methods
        Interpreting the Bible
    Kingdom of God.
        A Biblical theology of the Kingdom of God.
        Practicing the presence
    Law and Grace.
        Living by grace alone through faith alone
        Christian Community
    Spirit-filled ministry
        The history of revival
        Spiritual experience
        Baptized in the Spirit
        Gifts of the Spirit
        The gift of Prophecy
        The gift of Tongues
        The gift of Healing
        Sanctification and the Law
        Common sense and Sanctification
        The problem of unanswered prayer
    Evangelism - Theology and pragmatics
        The Good News
        A theology of the gospel
        Practical methods for communicating the faith
        Contextualizing the gospel
        The gospel and liberation
        The gospel and social action
        Contextualizing the Gospel, Acts 17:22-31
        1. An introduction to apologetics
        2. How do we know that God exists?
        3. What about those who have never heard the gospel?
        4. Why does God allow bad things to happen?
        5. Hasn't science disproved Christianity?
        6. Do you have to go to church to be a Christian?
        7. Isn't Christianity just a psychological illusion?
        8. How can miracles be true?
        9. Aren't all religions just different ways to the same God?
        10. Is the New Testament reliable?
        11. How true is the resurrection?
        12. Is it true that the wicked will go to hell?
        13. Why did Jesus have to die?
        14. What is the point of Jesus' parables?
        15. What is the meaning of baptism?
        16. What is the Bible all about?
ETHICS. Moral Theory and application
    The means of confirming right behavior
    The Law of Moses
    New Testament Law
    The place of Mosaic Law in the New Testament
    The extent to which Biblical Law applies today
    The extent to which the Biblical Law applies to unbelievers
    The place of the law in the life of a believer
    The art of compromise
    Social Issues
    The Seventh-day Adventist Church.
    The Children of God.
    Christian Science.
    The Cooneyites.
    Hare Krishna.
    Jehovah's Witnesses.
    The Church of the Latter Day Saints. Mormans.
    The Unification Church. Moonies.
    Confirmation Studies
        1. The Anglican church
        2. Confirmation
        3. The covenant of Baptism
        4. The Creeds
        5. The Christian faith. God the Father - Creator
        6. The Christian faith. God the Son - Redeemer
        7. The Christian faith. God the Spirit - Sanctifier
        8. The Commandments
        9. Prayer
        10. The Sacraments: Baptism and the Lord's Supper
    The Prayer Book
        Anglican spirituality.
        Evolution of the English Prayer Book.
        The Holy Communion.
        Prayer Book Revision.
        Hymns in worship.
        The place of preaching in worship.
        Archbishop Thomas Cranmer. His life and times.
    Liturgical Worship Services
        Morning Prayer*
        Evening Prayer*
        Daily Prayer*
        Compline: Prayer at the end of the day*
        Holy Communion*
        Ash Wednesday ashing at Holy Communion
        Christmas Carol Service of Nine Lessons
        Easter Service of Light
        Maundy Thursday Holy Communion
        Healing Communion Service
        Good Friday Devotional - Tenebrae
        Good Friday Devotional - The Seven Words
        Good Friday Devotional - A Meditation on the Cross
        Good Friday Devotional - A Meditation
        Contextualized Wedding Resources
        Contextualized Funeral Resources
          *AAPB and APBA copyright The Anglican Church of Australia Trust Corporation.
    Parish Studies
        Preaching the Word
        Evangelical ministry - In theory and practice
        How to produce a Parish Magazine
        The Evangelical Anglican malaise
        The Parson's Nose. Reminiscences of an Anglican clergyman
    Grammatical Terms
    The Nominative Case
    The Genitive Case
    The Dative Case
    The Perfect Tense

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