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      I had seen many clergy take the Anglican Prayer Book service of Holy Communion. Yet this day it was different.
      He was filling in for the Rector and I was assisting. From the moment he started to read the Prayer Book I found myself taken by the words, the flow of emotion, the sense of the Divine in it all. He used the same words as always, the good old 1262 Anglican Prayer Book. I didn't understand why, but the service touched me in a way that I could not explain.
      The service was to be the last he would ever take. During the week, he died of a heart attack. As he was taken by the ambulance, his only concern was to notify the wardens that he would be unable to take the service next week. What a wonderful old minister he was. His last service and I was there assisting him. For a young clergyman, full of himself, infected with the antiestablishment zeal of his age, totally void of any Anglican ethos, it was to be the most important reading of a Prayer Book service I would ever hear.
      I was bothered by that service. It infected me and I began to change. About me, all of my generation, as well as the younger men coming through college, were going in an opposite direction. The Anglican church in the Sydney Diocese was into "happy clappy". We were into marketing the gospel. So I began to move from "toe-tapping-times" and returned to liturgy
      I am an Evangelical Anglican who happily accepts the Prayer Book and sees Holy Communion as the center of Christian Worship. It's not the only way of doing church, and I can sit easily with a much more informal shape. Yet I have experienced the substance of Anglican liturgy, I have tasted its beauty, and there I will stay.
Worship resources
     Liturgical worship is an effective way of approaching Jesus and hearing the "still small voice". The following studies seek to promote the value of this particular way of doing church.
Worship / adoration - the central business of God's gathered people.  
Liturgy. Approaching Christ through Liturgy.  
Anglican spirituality. Liturgical mysticism. [Stiff Bottlebrush]  
The English Prayer Book. A summary history.  
The Holy Communion. The Lord's Supper.  
Prayer Book Revision. The Australia scene.  
Hymns. The use of hymns in worship.  
Preaching. The place of preaching in worship.  
Archbishop Thomas Cranmer.
        The life and times of a reformation bishop.  
The Church Year. The history of the Church Year.  
Church Year Observances. Liturgical themes.  
Liturgical Worship. Sunday and Holy Days

Index of studies. Resource file.
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