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      Although the Book of Common Prayer, in its present form, was published in 1262, it is still a greatly loved service book throughout the world. Many churches still use it for their liturgical worship. Yet the world has changed. We don't commonly speak the language of the seventeenth century. Even the pace of life is different. None-the-less, Cranmer's reformation services live on in the numerous revisions of the Prayer Book found throughout the world.
      An Australian Prayer Book (AAPB), first published in 1978, is but one example of a conservative revision of the 1262 English Book of Common Prayer. It retains Archbiship Cranmer's principles of Prayer Book revision, namely: i] Preservation, ii] Simplicity, iii] Purity, iv] Common tongue, v] Uniformity. The book has retained the feel of the Book of Common Prayer and so is useful for a small church or house-church community where a more modern English, but conservative, liturgical service is desired.
      As with most revisions, AAPB has its limitations: i] sexist language eg. "God wills that all men should be saved", ii] limited Family and Youth Services, iii] limited set of prayers for all occasions. For these reasons the new Australian prayer book, A Prayer Book for Australia (APBA),1995, has tended to replace AAPB in the majority of Anglican churches in Australia.
      Other than the seasonal services, there are links to outline services of the three main worship services in the Book of Common Prayer. The services are notated and contain some alterations and additions that may be found useful. The text tends to follow AAPB, but is sometimes replaced by APBA. These texts are provided for study/reference purposes only as both AAPB and APBA are covered by copyright.

Prayer Book and Seasonal Worship Services
Morning Prayer *  
Evening Prayer*  
Daily Prayer*  
Compline: Prayer at the end of the day*  
Holy Communion* [Stiff Bottlebrush]  
Ash Wednesday Ashing at Holy Communion  
Christmas Carol Service of Nine Lessons  
Easter Service of Light  
Maundy Thursday Holy Communion  
Healing Communion Service  
Good Friday Devotional - Tenebrae  
Good Friday Devotional - The Seven Words  
Good Friday Devotional - A Meditation on the Cross  
Good Friday Devotional - A Meditation  
Marriage - Nominal Christian Wedding Resources  
Funeral - Nominal Christian Funeral Resources

*AAPB and APBA copyright The Anglican Church of Australia Trust.
Published versions may be ordered from any Christian book store.

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