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This site gives access to Lectionary Bible studies and sermons on the readings set by the Revised Common Lectionary, plus a verse-by-verse exegetical commentary on the Greek New Testament, along with studies on theology, liturgy and the Anglican church.
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Topical Mini Sermons

Just a Moment! Conversations.


Basics. The Christian faith.


Law and Grace.


The Kingdom of God.


Interpreting the Bible.


Bible Study. Group aids.


Spirituality. Mysticism.


Prayer. Unanswered prayer.


Communal Christianity.


Ethics. Essays on the Law.


Charismatic renewal.


Evangelism. Methodology .


Apologetics. Tricky questions.


Comparative Religions. Sects.


Social Issues. Biblical studies.

New Testament Commentary

Exegetical Commentary on the Greek New Testament examining both syntax and interpretation.

Bible Expositions

The following pew-level expositions seek to be true to the Bible, and to the grace of God revealed in Jesus Christ.


Old Testament.


New Testament.

The Church Year

Year A. Year B. Year C.

Anglican Resources

Worship Services..


Liturgical Resources.


Confirmation Studies.


The Parish Paper.


The Evangelical Party. A critique.


The Parson's Nose.

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