The mission of the Messiah, 1:5-9:50

4. The dawning of the kingdom in the acts of the Messiah, 6:12-7:50

i] The new Israel - Choosing the twelve





i] Context: See 1:5-25. Ellis argues that the episodes which make up the The dawning of the kingdom in the acts of Messiah, 6:12-7:50, serve to reveal the nature of the kingdom - who enters the kingdom and how they get in. The selection of twelve apostles, 6:12-16, identifies Israel as the "framework upon which the Israel of the new age is to be formed", Ellis, so also Creed. Jesus establishes a new spiritual Israel, and so the old Israel, with its twelve tribes, is realized in a new people of God. The apostles are the foundation members of the realized kingdom of God; the day has dawned, the new age begun. Then follows the sermon on the plain The promises and principles of the coming kingdom. This statement from Jesus identifies the covenant, the promise of God's unmerited grace, as the basis of kingdom membership. Then follows four separate episodes: a) The faith of the Centurion confirming that kingdom membership is by grace through faith; b) Life from the dead for a Widow's son confirming that the dawning kingdom is nothing less that deliverance from death itself; c) The least in the kingdom of God is greater than John the Baptist; d) Finally the anointing of the sinful woman confirms again that the basis of kingdom membership is by grace through faith.


ii] Structure: This passage, The new Israel, presents as follows:


iii] Interpretation:

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