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    The following studies on Biblical ethics examine the function of the Law of God in the life of a believer. The studies examine the theory of ethics, rather than practical ethics. The crucial issue in Christian ethics is to know how to properly use the Law of God. Has it value today? Does it still reveal the mind of God, the type of behaviour He approves, or disapproves of? Is it only a guide to a life pleasing to God, or is it a strict directive? Does the Law of the Old Testament still apply, and if so, is it all the Law, cultic and health regulations etc? Does the Law of God apply to unbelievers, does it even apply to believers? Is the only Law binding of a believer the "Law of Christ"? What part does the Spirit play in obedience?
    Even more difficult is the question, how is a believer is to use the Law in their walk with Jesus? We often use the Law as a means of living a life pleasing to God. We use it as an instrument to achieve that end. So, we often surround ourselves (as well as others) with commands from the Bible, along with church legislations (agreed regulations under the Spirit of God), and inward Spirit-guided directives. By surrounding ourselves with Godly directives and encouraging each other in the task of obedience, we believe we will be slowly changed into the image of Christ - we will live a life well-pleasing to God. Thus we believe sanctification (the progressive realisation of what we are in Christ) proceeds through obedience to the Law. How true is this? Is the Law the means of promoting godly living in the Christian life? How true is the chorus, "trust and obey for there's no other way to be happy with Jesus, but to trust and obey"? Does obedience stand beside faith?
    The following essays examine these questions. Some studies source articles produced by the late Rev. Bruce Smith.
Essays on Christian ethics
The means of confirming right behaviour  
The Law of Moses  
New Testament Law  
The place of Mosaic Law in the New Testament  
The extent to which Biblical Law applies today  
The extent to which the Biblical Law applies to unbelievers  
The place of the law in the life of a believer  
The art of compromise

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