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Questions and Answers on Christian Faith and Conduct
    The link Catechism below outlines the history, practice and belief of the Anglican / Episcopalian church. The text used is the conservative revision of the Catechism published in A Prayer Book for Australia, 1995). The purpose of the Catechism is to prepare young adults who may wish to present themselves as candidates for Confirmation, and therefore full membership of the Anglican church.
    The Confirmation notes on this site have grown out of the notes first published by the Anglican Bush Church Aid Society, which source is greatly appreciated, although often no longer recognizable. The format is in publication form, rather than for screen study. The font is 10pt "Times New Roman" and the studies are text-ready for publication in a 3 or 4 page A5 note form using a browser able to convert CSS1 rules. For screen reading use browser "View", "Increase Font Size", etc.
The History and worship of the Anglican Church.  
The meaning of Confirmation.  
Repent and Believe.  
The Creeds.  
Belief: God the Father - Creator.  
Belief: God the Son - Redeemer.  
Belief: God the Holy Spirit - Sanctifier.  
The Commandments.  
The Sacraments: Baptism and the Lord's Supper.

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