Evangelical Anglicans

The title "Evangelical", within the Anglican church, refers to members of the Anglican church party, who, while remaining loyal to Anglican order, are conservative in their approach to the Bible, reformed in their theological persuasion and committed to world-wide evangelism. They are heirs of the Great Awakening; they are the Methodist Anglicans.

An Anglican Evangelical rightly falls within the general definition of an "evangelical", namely, "people who have accepted Jesus as their personal saviour as the only way to heaven, and who accept the Bible as the inerrant word of God", Wicker. An Anglican Evangelical is not necessarily evangelical in the sense of "fundamentalist" (the Bible is literally the Word of God, as opposed to, when rightly interpreted), nor just in the sense of "one who promotes the Christian gospel", a common use of the word, nor "one who promotes the church", a meaning often found in the Roman Catholic church. To further confuse the issue, over the last fifty years, an increasing diversity of Anglicans have claimed the title "Evangelical". At times, a prefix is attached to distinguish these groups from traditional Evangelicals, eg. "New Evangelicals", new liberal Anglicans; "Reformed Evangelicals", puritan / pietist Anglicans, often hostile to Anglican polity (sometimes identified as "Conservative Evangelicals" by outside commentators, although "conservative" properly describes the traditionalists).

Conservative Evangelicals face a crisis of faith. The ability of Evangelical clergy to fill the pews has waned in face of the Charismatic movement, a movement that seems well able to do what Evangelicals once did. To address this problem Evangelical Anglicans have adopted either Church Growth strategies, or pietistic congregationalism, and often a mixture of both. The following articles address the issue at hand.

The Evangelical Malaise. Published, 1992

Evangelical Gospel Ministry.

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