The Culmination of Messiah's Mission, 19:45-24:53

3. The Glorification of the Messiah, 23:26-24:53

i] The way of the cross





i] Context: See 19:45-20:18. The six episodes which make up the teaching unit, The Glorification of the Messiah, 23:26-24:53, serves as the third and final section of the concluding major section The Culmination of Messiah's Mission, 19:45-24:53. These episodes cover the death and resurrection of Jesus. When comparing Luke with the other gospel writers, he aligns with John, as if he and John were using a common source of gospel tradition. Ellis says of Luke's handling of this tradition that "Luke, like John, views the death-resurrection-exaltation as one event of redemption. It is a story of the eighth day of creation. God's new creation of the messianic age."

The events are bound together by prophetic texts, or allusions to Old Testament prophecy, or the prophecies of Jesus himself. On the road to Emmaus Jesus explains to the disciples that his death is a fulfillment of prophecy, and when commissioned he commands them to proclaim what "is written." Luke reveals that the messianic age finds its fulfillment in the glorification of Jesus.


ii] Structure: This passage, The Way of the Cross, presents as follows:


iii] Interpretation:


iv] Synoptics:

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