The teachings of the Messiah, 9:51-19:44

6. Discipleship and the rejected king, 18:15-19:44

i] Such is the kingdom - little children





i] Context: See 9:51-56. Ellis proposes that the six episodes which make up the teaching unit, Discipleship and the rejected king, 18:15-19:44, depict Jesus' journey to Jerusalem, and emphasize the messiahship of Jesus, his suffering and rejection. The episodes also focus on discipleship, a discipleship which is grounded in faith and expressed in love. Religious Israel claimed that the law-obedient descendents of Abraham properly inherit the promised blessings of the covenant. Yet, the true children of Abraham are those who believe as Abraham believed and it is they who possess the kingdom. Faith, reliance, trust... in God's messiah Jesus Christ, weak and feeble though this faith may be, is the mark of a true "son of Abraham." These sons of Abraham accept the kingdom like little children, 18:15-17, they are broken like the rich ruler, v18-34, outcasts like Blind Bartimaeus, v35-43, lost like Zacchaeus, but like him, in repentance and faith are to Jesus true sons of Abraham, 19:1-10, and "to everyone who has, more will be given", v11-27. The final episode, Jesus entry to Jerusalem, 19:28-44, concludes both the section Discipleship and the Rejected King, and the major section, The Teachings of Messiah. In a profound revelation Jesus' messianic secret becomes public knowledge for those with eyes to see.


ii] Structure: This passage, Such is the kingdom - Jesus and the little children, presents as follows:


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