Select English Bible Commentaries

A selection of some of the best English Bible Commentaries. The first commentary listed is non-technical and this is followed by more technical works in ascending order.


Genesis: Kidner, Tyndale. Brueggemann, Interpretation. Wenham, Word*. Hamilton, NICOT.

Exodus: Cole, Tyndale. Fretheim, Interpretation. Childs, OTL. Durham, Word*.

Leviticus: Knight, DSB. Wehnam, NICOT. Milgrom, Anchor. Hartley, Word*

Numbers: Wenham, Tyndale. Ashley, NICOT. Harrison, Baker Book House**. Budd, Word*.

Deuteronomy: Kline, Eerdmans*. Harman, FOB. Thompson, Tyndale. Wright, NIBC. Miller, Interpretation. Craigie, NICOT. Weinfeld, Anchor.

Joshua: Davis, EGHB*. Creach, Interpretation. Woudstra, NICOT. Butler, Word*. Boling, Anchor

Judges: Wilcock, BST. Cundall & Morris, Tyndale. Webb, JSOT#46**. Boling, Anchor.

Ruth: Atkinson, BST. Hubbard, NICOT. Campbell, Anchor.

1 & 2 Samuel: Gordon, Shefield Guides. Davis, FOB (1Sam.). Baldwin, Tyndale. Brueggemann, Interpretation. Gordon, Paternoster. Anderson and Klein, Word*. McCarter, Anchor.

1 & 2 Kings: Wiseman, Tyndale. Provan, NIBC. Jones, NCB. DeVries & Hobbs, Word*. Cogan & Tadmore, Anchor (2 Kings).

1 & 2 Chronicles: McConville, DSB. Williamson, NCB*. Japhet, OTL. Braun & Dillard, Word.

Ezra & Nehemiah: Kidner, Tyndale. Blenkinsopp, OTL. Williamson, Word*.

Esther: McConville, DSB*. Baldwin, Tyndale. Clines, NCB*. Laniak, NIBC. Moore, Anchor. [Fox, Eerdmans].

Job: Anderson, Tyndale. Clines, Word*. Habel OTL.

Psalms: Rhodes, Layman's*. Kidner, Tyndale. Mays, Interpretation. Criagie, Tate & Allen, Word*.

Proverbs: [Wisdom Literature Intro.: Goldsworthy, Paternoster (Gospel & Wisdom)*]. Goldsworthy, AIO Press, Sydney (The Tree of Life)*. Kidner, Tyndale. Alden, Baker Book House. McKane, OTL. Waltke, NICOT (2 vols).

Ecclesiastes: Halls, Life and Other Trivial Pursuits (Rev. Tom Halls, 187 Princes Highway, St. Peters 2044, N.S.W. Australia. $20au/us.) Kidner, BST. Eaton, Tyndale. Whybray, NCB*. Longman, NICOT. Murphy, Word*. Fox, Eerdmans*.

Song of Solomon: Glendhill, BST. Carr, Tyndale. Keel, Continental*. Murphy, Hermeneia*. Pope, Anchor.

Isaiah: Webb, BST. Clements, NCB (1-39)*. Seitz, Interpretation. Motyer, Inter-Varsity Press. Oswalt & Young, NICOT. Westerman, OTL (40-66). North, Clarendon (40-55)**. Watts, Word*.

Jeremiah: McConville, Eisenbrauns. Clements, Interpretation. Thompson, NICOT. Bright, Anchor. Holladay, Hermeneia*.

Lamentations: Provan, NCB. Hilliers, Anchor

Ezekiel: Ellison, Paternoster*. Craigie, DSB. Taylor, Tyndale. Greenberg, Anchor. Zimmerli, Hermeneia*. Allen, Word*

Daniel: Baldwin, Tyndale. Towner, Interpretation. Harman, EP Study Commentary, 2007. Goldingay, Word*. Collins, Hermeneia*.

The Minor Prophets: Ellison, "Men Spake From God"/Paternoster*. Watts, CBC*. Achtemeier & Limburg, Interpretation. McComiskey, Baker Book House*

Hosea: Kidner, BST. Stuart, Word. Mays, OTL. Anderson & Freedman, Anchor

Joel: Hubbard, Tyndale. Stuart, Word*. Crenshaw, Anchor. Wolff, Hermeneia*.

Amos: Motyer, BST. Mays, OTL. Stuart, Word*. Anderson & Freedman, Anchor, Wolff, Hermeneia*.

Obadiah: Baker/Alexander/Waltke, Tyndale. Watts, Eeerdmans**. Busenitz, Mentor. Wolff, Continental*.

Jonah: Baker/Alexander/Waltke, Tyndale. Wolff, Continental*. Sasson, Anchor

Micah: Baker/Alexander/Waltke, Tyndale. Mays, OTL. Hillers, Hermeneia*. Waltke, Eerdmans 2007*.

Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah: Baker, Tyndale. Robertson, NICOT. Patterson, Moody**. Roberts, OTL (Habakkuk, Zephaniah). Berlin, Anchor (Zephaniah).

Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi: Baldwin, Tyndale. Merrill, Biblical Studies Press*. Verhoef, NICOT. Petersen, OTL. Meyers, Anchor (Haggai, Zechariah 1-8).

Matthew: France, Tyndale. Hill, NCB*. Carson, vol. 8 Expositors. Morris, Pillar. Hagner, Word*. Nolland, NIGTC*. Davies & Allison, ICC*.

Mark: Hunter, Torch*. Hooker, Black's. Lane, NICNT. Edwards, Pillar. Cranfield, CGTC*. Taylor, Macmillan**. Gundry, Eerdmans*. Guelich/Evans, Word*.

Luke: Miller, Layman's*. Caird, Pelican*. Ellis, NCB/2nd ed*. Danker, "Jesus and the New Age". Green, NICNT. Fitzmyer, Anchor. Bock, BECNT. Nolland, Word*.

John: Hunter, CBC*. Bruce, Tyndale. Carson, Pillar. Morris, NICNT. Beasley-Murray, Word. Barrett, SPCK/Knox*. Ridderbos, Eerdmans*. Brown, Anchor. Schnackenburg, Crossroad (Burns & Oates)*.

Acts: Stott, BST. Marshall, Tyndale. Longenecker, Expositors. Tannehill, Fortress Press. Johnson, Sacra Pagina, Bruce, NICNT. Barrett, ICC*

Romans: Hunter, Torch*. Best, CBC*. Barnett, FOB. Stott, BST. Barrett, Black's. Schriener, BECNT*. Morris, Pillar. Moo, NICNT*. Cranfield, ICC*.

1 Corinthians: Thrall, CBC*. Barnett, FOB. Barrett, Black's. Conzelmann, Hermeneia*. Fee, NICNT. Thiselton, NIGTC*.

2 Corinthians: Thrall, CBC. Kruse, Tyndale. Naylor, EPSC. Barrett, Black's. Martin, Word*. Barnett, NICNT*, Harris, NIGTC*.

Galatians: Hunter, Layman's*. Stott. BST. Fee, Pentecostal. Fung, NICNT. Bruce, NIGTC*. Longenecker, Word*. Martyn, Anchor*.

Ephesians: Stott, BST. Mitton, NCB. Snodgrass, NIVABC. Bruce, NICNT. O'Brien, Pillar. Lincoln, Word*. Best, ICC*. Hoehner, Baker*.

Philippians: Motyer, BST. Bruce, NIBC. Fee, NICNT. Hawthorn, Word*. Reumann, Anchor*. O'Brien, NIGTC*

Colossians: Pfitzner, ChiRho*. Lucas, BST. Wright, Tyndale. Moule, CGTC*. Dunn, NIGTC*. Lohse, Hermeneia*. O'Brien, Word*.

1 & 2 Thessalonians: Morris, Tyndale. Best, Black's. Marshall, NCB*. Wanamaker, NIGTC*. Bruce, Word*

Pastoral Epistles: Milne, FOB*. Stott, BST. Guthrie, Tyndale. Fee, NIBC. Knight, NIGTC*. Dibelius & Conzelmann, Hermeneia*. Marshall, ICC*.

Hebrews: Jones, LS*. Guthrie, Tyndale. Wilson, NCB*. Bruce, NICNT. Lane, Word*. Attridge, Hermeneia*. Ellingworth, NIGTC*.

James: Moo, Tyndale. Laws, Black's. Mitton, Marshall Morgan & Scott*. Adamson, NICNT. Johnson, Anchor. Moo, Pillar. Dibelius, Hermeneia*

1 Peter: Clowney, BST. Kelly, Black's. Davids, NICNT. Hiebert, BMH Books, Indiana USA*. Michaels, Word*. Achtemeier, Hermeneia*. Selwyn, Macmillan.**

2 Peter & Jude: Green, Tyndale. Kelly, Blacks. Davids, Pillar. Bauckham, Word*.

John's letters: Stott, Tyndale. Marshall, NICNT. Schnackenburg, Crossroad*. Smalley, Word*. Brown, Anchor

Revelation: . Richardson, Bible Application Series. Wilcock, BST. Morris, Tyndale. Caird, Black's. Hughes, Pillar, Osborne, BECNT. Smalley, IVP Gk. text.*.

General: NBC (New Bible Commentary), Inter-Varsity Press.


* A commentary out of print. Search BOOKFINDER to check whether there is a new release, or to purchase used.

* A commentary where some knowledge of Hebrew/Greek is helpful. English equivalents are most often provided, except in the notes.

* A commentary requiring a workable knowledge of Hebrew/Greek.

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