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This short letter of Paul to Titus is one of his pastoral epistles probably sent while he was imprisoned in Rome. As with the letters to Timothy, this letter personally encourages Titus to maintain church order and to strengthen sound doctrine against the ever-growing threat of heresy. Although Titus is not mentioned in Acts (was he a relative of Luke?), he is mentioned in Paul's letters as a trusted member of his missionary team. The Pauline authorship of the letter has continued to face numerous critical questions, particularly due to the stylistic differences evident between the Pastorals and Paul's other letters.

The structure of Titus

Greeting, 1:1-4

Paul's commission to Titus, 1:5-3:11

1. Matters concerning Christian ministry, 1:5-16

i] Presbyters and Bishops, 1:5-9

ii] A warning against false teachers, 1:10-16

2. Matters concerning the Christian fellowship, 2:1-3:11

i] The proper conduct of men, women and slaves, 2:1-10

ii] Faith and Christian living, 2:11-15

iii] Living as the church in the world, 3:1-8

iv] Disciplining opponents, 3:9-11

Conclusion, 3:12-15

Directives, greetings and prayer

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