Good ultimately prevails


The ancients believed passionately in "fate". Not the fete politicians call "a fete worse than death". We can just imagine how terrible it must be, dutifully opening the local church fete, Saturday by Saturday, church after church. The fate that concerned the ancients was the fate of destiny. "What will be will be."

Often, we calm our troubles with the notion of destiny, although life is probably more the business of chance than destiny. There is indeed a destiny, eternal and assured, but presently we are part of a "flesh and blood" that does not "inherit", is outside the spiritual domain. Yet, as we watch the television news night after night, it is hard not to believe in God's providence. Providence is not fate, it is not the ordering of the sequence of events we face day by day, such that "what will be will be." Providence is something bigger, an "ethereal vapor", if you like, a principle by which things evolve, develop, progress.... God has designed order, and although we often vote for chaos, the power of order always ultimately transcends the power of chaos.

This eternal verity, the supremacy of order, goodness, love..., is often toyed within science fiction, detective stories and the like. Worthy literature mirrors the notion of God's providential love for his creation. Good always prevails over evil. Love conquers all. The fates conspire, but right ultimately wins out.

The Bible deals with this idea in the Wisdom books, particularly Proverbs. The righteous man will always prevail over the evil man. Evil follows evil, but good follows good. Of course, this equation may not work in the short-term. The evil person often flourishes at the expense of the good person. The Bible tackles this problem in the books of Job and Ecclesiastes. How is it that the righteous suffer? The answer is but an acceptance of the way things are. Yet, although chaos often reigns, the providential love of God remains supreme.

So as we watch the television news night after night, we should remind ourselves of God's providence. The media may filter and design the news to meet either "infotainment" or social justice criteria, yet God's truth eternally prevails. Politicians may create the "one-line grab" to either affirm or deny the integrity of government policy, yet the ultimate good prevails despite the policy. Yesterday we were radical, today we are conservative. For radicals, today's conservatism will destroy our country. For conservatives, yesterday's radicalism did destroy our country. Thankfully the human race survives under God's providential love, despite our lunacy.