Generational musings


There is value taking time scanning the air-waves to hear the range of political views expressed by the different radio stations. They range from left to right, all with an equal smattering of insanity.

As you listen, take note of the advertisements. The stations with a right wing leaning plug hospitals, drawing up wills, pensioners' insurance, etc. Obviously the advertising agencies know who the listeners are. This is 50's + territory, the "between the wars" generation.

Then of course, there are those stations which tend toward the political left with their politically correct social justice agenda. Immediately, you realize you are into a generational shift. This is the agenda of "the Baby Boomers", who never cease to "maintain the rage". Pity help anyone who dares question the social justice agenda of the baby-boomer push; "racist", "sexist".... "troglodyte" even. With greying hair they "maintain the rage", but their words increasingly fall on dull ears.

As I scanned the box, TV that is, I was taken by the advertisements around the lifestyle and escapist shows. Enjoy life, be free. Here was Generation X, the children of the Baby Boomers. All they maintain is the "rave" - be happy, live.

So where is the truth in all this? A world-weary Governor in Palestine nearly 2,000 years ago exclaimed, "what is truth?" We can reply, Jesus is truth; to know Jesus is to know the truth. The rest is just opinion, or if you like, generational musings.